About Us

Launched in the summer of 2013, the Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management was designed to provide rigorous analytic base in the fields of sustainability policy and sustainability management. Our research addresses the fundamental issues facing professionals and policy makers implementing sustainability strategies.

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Sustainability expertise is at the core of our Research Team and the Earth Institute as a whole. The Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management leverages the diverse subject matter expertise from the research centers, faculty, and students at the Earth Institute and Columbia University. The program comprises of a circle of leading experts in environmental sustainability – science, law, economics, finance, engineering, communications, management, and policy – creating the highest caliber team to tackle the research questions of this integrative field.

Led by Steve Cohen, sustainability thought leader, the Research Program builds on expertise across the Institute and University in the following areas:

  • Organizational Management
  • Environmental Economics
  • Green Accounting
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Environmental Policy
  • Public Administration
  • Environmental Law

With Columbia University as its foundation, the Earth Institute draws upon the scientific rigor and academic leadership for which the University is known to create an interdisciplinary community dedicated to cutting-edge research to help develop solutions to the challenges to global sustainability. The Earth Institute’s world class strength in earth sciences, management and engineering will ensure that our scholarship is based on a sophisticated, integrated, scientific understanding of earth systems issues.

The Earth Institute Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management is uniquely positioned to take a holistic, integrated approach to better understanding the complex scientific, technical, managerial, and behavioral issues relating to successful sustainability management, measurement and reporting.