The Rise of Cities in the Battle Against Climate Change

March 13, 2018
Last week, Canada hosted the world’s first climate change summit for urban leaders. It looks like it will have a lasting impact on how we think about and take action on climate change. Read More

Summer Internship with Professor Steven Cohen

March 5, 2018
Are you a Columbia or Barnard student seeking a paid internship for summer 2018? Apply by March 23 to work with Professor Steven Cohen. Read More

Turning Assessment into Action: Advancing China’s Urban Sustainability

February 8, 2018
How do you encourage cities to race to the top in sustainability performance? Read More

Sustainability Measurement in China: Fostering a Race to the Top

January 23, 2018
The Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management recently released the China Sustainable Development Indicator System, a new sustainability indicator framework and annual ranking of the sustainability performance of Chinese cities. Read More

Climate Advisory Panel Disbanded by Trump Is Revived—But Not By the Feds

January 3, 2018
Columbia University, New York State, and others will host the former Federal Advisory Committee for the National Climate Assessment. Read More

Professor Dong Guo: China, Peer Effect and Sustainability

December 8, 2017
Sustainability isn't just about the environment. Guo explains how social and economic factors, like employment and education, fit in. Read More

Cities Are Key to a Sustainable Future

November 15, 2017
Get a sneak peek at the major takeaways from The Sustainable City, the latest book by Earth Institute executive director Steve Cohen. Available now from Columbia University Press. Read More

The Sharing Economy is Transforming Sustainability

October 26, 2017
During a talk on Wednesday, panelists discussed the benefits and challenges of this emerging industry. Read More

Forging Partnerships for Resilient, Low-Carbon Electricity Systems

October 13, 2017
As cities begin to rebuild infrastructure ravaged by hurricanes, now is the time to adopt climate-resilient energy systems. Innovative collaborations between public and private stakeholders can help. Read More

It’s Time for New York to Save its Mass Transit System

June 12, 2017
The economic heart of the city cannot beat without an effective subway system. It’s time for the mayor and governor to develop a fully funded, well thought through strategy for mass transit in New York City and its nearby suburbs. Read More
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