Through our research, we seek to better understand the mechanisms behind sustainability management, in order to develop and promote more effective public policies and organizational practices. We analyze sustainability strategies and initiatives, examine methods of valuing sustainability practices, and study the impact of policies that stimulate sustainability innovations and trends. Recognizing the importance of China’s contribution to promoting global environmental sustainability, and of environmental sustainability to China’s goals of economic progress, we have also expanded our work beyond a U.S. focus.

Specifically, we hope to address the following issues in the field of sustainability today:

  1. The absence of widely accepted sustainability metrics and the presence of multiple certifications and standards make measuring progress and comparison to peers difficult.
  2. Linkages must be made to conventional financial indicators.
  3. A common language about sustainability performance is needed.
  4. The lack of certainty about policy and regulation hinders long-term investment.
  5. Success should be measured by progress, not simply disclosure.

Our research will facilitate the integration of sustainability principles in the management of organizations–private, public, and non-profit, nationally and internationally–by providing the data necessary for decision-making.