The Politics of Sustainability

  • Why are local governments leaders in sustainability?
  • What is the state of national politics, and what are its implications for sustainability?
  • How is policy important to the development of green infrastructure?

There is an old argument put forth by many politicians and industry leaders that protecting the natural environment and economic growth are incompatible goals. However, the contrary is true – economic growth depends on a sustained, functioning natural environment.  There is a political argument that must be made to invest in a sustainable future through a portfolio of federal, state, and local policies and programs.  The politics behind passing needed policies and implementing important programs are complicated, require long-term thinking, and tough choices.

Take infrastructure as one example.  Infrastructure is the backbone of economic growth in capitalist societies making the transfer of goods and services possible. Building railroads, ports, bridges, and interstate highways facilitated economic transformation and prosperity. This construction was made possible through far-sighted policy and investment by the government- and by the fact that distributing public resources made elected leaders more influential. The present situation is no different; we need public investment to spur the development of green infrastructure. We need to develop green transportation for people and goods as well as for the production, transmission and storage of clean energy. The development of smart grid infrastructure is essential for the development of distributed, decentralized generation of energy.

The following blogs report on and analyze environmental policy on the national, state, and local stages. Topics that appear often include the EPA and the Clean Air Act, the BP oil spill, and state-specific subsidy programs that encourage sustainability. Over the past several years, I have kept a close eye on the environmental policy decisions made by the Obama Administration and by Congress, and these decisions are analyzed from a political perspective and from a sustainability one in the posts that follow.


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