Urban Sustainability: Examples from New York City

  • Why is urban sustainability important?
  • What can be learned from New York City?
  • Why do density and social equity matter?

I have written extensively about sustainability in New York City, including my most recent book: “Sustainability Management, Lessons from and for New York City, America, and the Planet.” New York City has historically been a leader in fields ranging from finance to media, and is currently experimenting with sustainability. Mayor Bloomberg has made his PlaNYC 2030 sustainability plan a priority across the administration. He has done so because he views sustainability as integral to the city’s long-term quality and global competitiveness as its population grows and other cities emerge as global leaders.

The trends seen in New York City — of municipal government taking leadership to implement sustainability measures and practices regardless of global, national, or regional government assistance — can be seen worldwide.  There are a variety of factors pushing local governments to take the lead in sustainability although two stand out: (1) Local governments are more clearly confronted with the short-term impacts of sustainability challenges, (2) Water supply, waste management and transportation infrastructure are a basic responsibility of local municipalities.

In response to this need for a strong local sustainability initiative, New York City has succeeded in implementing several sustainability measures from PlaNYC 2030 and must continue to manage the goals set forth by Mayor Bloomberg in that plan. The following essays chronicle the successes and failures of sustainability policies in New York City and look to the future as this diverse city must meet its growing demands for energy, mass transit, and clean drinking water.


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